City commissioners vote against unlimited entertainment events permits

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- Gainesville City Commissioners have voted against a proposal to allow an unlimited number of event permits at any one venue.

A proposed ordinance that would eliminate the number of permits for entertainment events held by business owners has been voted down by city commissioners. Residents feel they should focus on the issue of sound and not permits.

"As I was reading the ordinance I too thought this could be a little bit more in-depth, we could find ways to make sure that we're addressing everyone's perspective," stated City Commissioner David Arreola.

Joe Montalto, Owner, and co-founder of Magnolia Plantation Bed and Breakfast said that the noise from many of the entertainment events affects their guests.

"You shouldn't be able to hear music or anything, outside noises inside our place of business. Obviously, people pay us to sleep here, so if they can't sleep then they're not going to come back," stated Montalto.

Montalto stated that many business owners in Gainesville's bed and breakfast district have expressed their concern regarding the noise ordinances.

"A lot of us have sent letters to the city commission to express our concerns that they go ahead, and if they're making any adjustments to the number of events that that's really an issue for us, just as long as they monitor then noise," stated Montalto.