Civic Media Center coordinator found guilty of interfering with prisoners

ALACHUA, CO., Fla., (WCJB) -- Wednesday at the Alachua County courthouse it was Kaithleen Hernandez versus the state of Florida to determine if her means of protesting back in September 2018 is protected by the first amendment or if it should be considered as criminal activity. She was cited for violating state statute 944.39, interference of prisoners.

Kaithleen Hernandez is a county representative and also the North Florida Regional organizer for Dream Defenders and was charged for interrupting prisoner work during a nationwide protest of prison slavery in 2018.

"The incident that happened they weren't working, they weren't outside, we were just protesting by the work van and then the work van ended up trying to hit somebody which as not myself and yeah here we are," said Kaithleen Hernandez.

Evidence that was used by both sides at trial was actual footage from when TV20 covered the protest. And prosecution says that she was clearly interfering with the Department of Corrections van driver who was transporting prison workers.

Now that Hernandez has been ruled as guilty she will have to pay court costs and fees, along with 6 months of supervised probation, and 9 days of county work crew.