Clearing up misunderstandings surrounding Donald Trump Jr. speaking event

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – No violence resulted from last night's Donald Trump Jr. speaking engagement at the University of Florida, but that doesn't mean it was without incident.
There was even some confusion when it came to media being able to record the speakers.

Members of the media were told by the event organizers, ACCENT, they could only record the first 5 minutes of both speakers before all recording devices audio or visual had to be turned off. However, the rules read to the crowd and signage in the event space said as long as the media members were credentialed they could record the entire event. That caused some confusion about freedom of the press in a public space at a public university.

About halfway through the event, a UF spokesman agreed the way the rules were written showed recording could take place. Many of the media members present turned their equipment back on only to be told by event organizers they had to be off or they would be asked to leave.

Today that same UF spokesman, Steve Orlando says there was a misunderstanding about the space being public because it actually required tickets to get in.

"It was a ticketed event and because it was a ticketed event that means it was not an open to the public event, therefore, they could set the parameters on how much recording could happen."

Then, Friday, a tweet from the university stated the event proceeded without disruption. But because the crowd yelled almost the entire time at the speakers we asked for clarification on what was meant by no disruptions.

Orlando explained, "while it was very loud and there was a lot of chanting and a lot of yelling absolutely no question about it, at the end of the day everybody who went to hear the speakers got to hear them speak and the event was able to start and conclude in its entirety. So by no disruption, I meant the people who went to hear it got to hear it."

Orlando also added they will make sure to clarify the rules next time about what can and cannot be recorded by media and said the university is happy with the way everything turned out with no violence and everyone having the chance to have their voice heard.