Co.Accelerator: Giving Gainesville start-ups a helping hand

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- A Gainesville business at the Innovation Hub is providing start-ups with a place to seek mentorship and gain momentum for their business venture.

On this Tech Tuesday, TV20s met with a co-accellerator to learn about the impact they're having on our small business community.

Small businesses strengthen the backbone of our community...often started by everyday people who decided to follow a dream.

A Co-Accelerator in Gainesville is helping business startups by providing a firm foundation for their inception.

"The co accelerator is a place for start ups in Gainesville to learn different skills that will help grow their business, and to be around other startups that are experiencing the same thing, and that helps them to grow a lot faster, hence the name 'accelerator'," said resident creative Lauren Hemingway.

"The startup community here is still in its infancy, as we are, and we started because we found that there was a definite need to rally up that community and create a string community so that all of the top talent here in Gainesville can have a resource to make their visions come true," added Hae-Yang Chang, another creative at the Co-Accelerator.

Each cohort of small businesses works with the accelerator for three to six months, where they make connections...

"I have seen somebody meet with a designer through it, or learn something differently, meet someone who can give them advice on something else," said Hemingway.

An on August 16th, they're hoping to see some major success stories walk out of their public demo-day event, where businesses who recently finished their training with Co-Accelerator showcase their progress.

"We plan to have investors there, potential recruits, people interested in start ups and the startup community," Hemingway added.

The co accelerator is beginning to work with a new cohort of businesses this fall.