College Park Elementary School principal removed from position

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. The principal at College Park Elementary School in Marion County has been removed for not promptly notifying the state when one of her teachers admitted to causing minor harm to a student.

Penny Brown said, "They're supposed to be protecting our children and teaching our children, not letting them get hurt and doing nothing about it."

Marion County school officials say this all started back in January, when kindergarten teacher Teresa Kaham put a misbehaving student in the corner of her classroom.

The student, turned around to look back at his classmates and officials say Kaham put her hands on his head to turn him back around towards the wall, causing the student to hit his head on the door hinge.

Burgess was told about the incident, but did not tell police or district officials until the next couple of days.

Meghan Shay with Ocala Police said, "According to our records the incident happened on January 29th and we did not receive a call regarding the incident until late afternoon on February 1st and that officer did respond immediately."

Once the school district was notified of Burgess's actions they intervened.

Kevin Christian said, "I believe Dr. Maier, is going to take every opportunity to make that point known to all of our employees regardless if it's a para professional in the classroom, bus driver, custodian or a principal, no exceptions. Every incident needs to be reported immediately, no matter the severity.”

Doris Tucker, the school dean received a written reprimand in connection with the incident while Kaham received a three day un-paid suspension.

Burgess was transferred to Sparr Elementary School and her position has not yet been said.