'College for Kids' Space Challenge at Santa Fe College launched their four-day program for elementary and middle school students

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 6:07 PM EDT
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Some elementary and middle school students got to experience the Universe during their spring break.

Santa Fe college community education launched a four-day program called the 'college for kids space challenge' at the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium.

This year's theme is "Black Holes and Beyond." Students in 4th grade through 8th grade explored the space frontier through lasers.

The planetarium coordinator, James Albury, appreciates being a part of the program.

"Whenever you have an opportunity to engage students in something that is technical, it helps society in the long run. and it gives them a way to work together as a team but see what it's like to be in college," Albury said.

Santa Fe's 'College for Kids' offers a summer program with over 70 courses at three different locations.

Summer camps are offered at three different locations: Santa Fe Northwest Campus in Gainesville, the Andres Center in Starke and the Super Science Camp at the Watson Center in Keystone Heights.

To learn more about the program, visit sfcollege.edu/cied/communityed and click the 'College for Kids' link.

Santa Fe's 'College for Kids' phone number is (352)395-5193.