Commercial lab in NCFL working to speed up COVID-19 testing, providing sample-taking kits

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A commercial lab in North Central Florida is hoping to help speed up the rate of testing for COVID-19.

NCF Diagnostics and DNA Technologies in Alachua is already certified in infectious disease testing and specializes in the testing required by the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control

"We actually, unlike most labs, have ten of these different machines," said David Brewer, Chief Operating Officer for NCF Diagnostics and Technologies. "And under these ten machines, we're able to perform...with resources about at least 2,700 tests a day."

Brewer says that they're hoping to deliver same-day results for the tests, but that ultimately depends on the volume of samples that need to be tested.

The lab has already put together a mass number of sample-taking kits for local first responders and are currently putting them through a validation process before approving them for use in the field.