Community Members Help House Fire Victim

Dozens of volunteers came to help clean up what is left of a man's house that was destroyed by fire this week.
Kali Blount, A well-known community activist, lost many of his possessions in that fire and the community has since rallied around him.

When Kali Blount's friends first heard of the fire, their first concerns were simply whether he was okay.
Karrie Ford organized Friday's community clean-up an also witnessed the house fire first hand."Fire was really high it was going way above the houses and I instantly knew who lived in that house so I made some phone calls and we found out that Kali was at work thankfully rather than inside the building."
Now, the community is determined to get Kali back on his feet.
Helpers came on a rotating schedule all throughout the day, more than 30 in all.
Tv20's Landon Harrar reported "It started at around 8 am with around 15 people who came here and filled this dumpster by 10 o:clock. But it hasn't stopped there, they've filled more trucks since then and they're continuing to work and will until it's all gone."
Kali Blount whose home is the center of the cleanup said "Today was just a wonderful outpouring of community helpers beyond my imagination and its been really uplifting to see all this love and support there's a lot of compassion in Gainesville."
Ford agreed. "Gainesville is big on community, if there's anything that's happening there are people willing to plug in and assist a lot of people are really helpful in general so it wasn't surprising to me a lot of people came and didn't even know Kali."
Kali jokingly explained how so many people came out to help it seemed like a true event."If it wasn't for some of the important papers and sentimental things lost I would almost say a festival of the house burning is a wonderful community event but still it's great to how I was feeling when this first happened to today."
There's also been more community support on a gofundmepage which in 4 days has raised more than 23-thousand dollars.
To everyone who donated Blount said "I want to say thank you very much for your support and I'm going to keep that list and cherish that support and if I ever hear of them getting in difficulty I'm there."
With 6 more rooms to clean its expected there will be another community help day scheduled for Monday or Tuesday.