Community cuts ribbon of Blanche

LAKE CITY, Fla. (WCJB) -- The ribbon is cut and the Blanche is open.

"So this is lake city's first mixed-use facility," Operations Manager Dennille Decker said. "What that means is we have apartments, we have retail space, we have vent space, we have 14 hotel rooms and we have office space as well."

Nicole Katy was one of the blanche's first residents in one of those apartments post renovation.

She says she loves how the hotel blends the old with the new and she and her kids truly feel at home.

"So, they started calling it home, it was about a month after I moved in, so they were like 'Mom, we want to go home,'" Katy said. "I was not sure what home meant because they have two homes and they were like 'No, we want to go to our home,' which is here so that made me feel really good that they are actually starting to call this their home so."

The hotel was first built in 1902 and has a lot of history behind it.

The Blanche was actually the first building in the state of florida to have an elevator.

So, what will this mean for the community?

"When the renovations process started, the reason everyone was excited about this and wanted to get behind it was because we knew if this was successful, this is the hub of downtown Lake City," Decker said. "So the more residents we bring downtown, the more offices, the more events, everything we bring does nothing but make the local economy stronger and bring more people down tho the other areas, other businesses that are already down here and help support those too."

Many of the people I have spoken with all said the same thing: they cannot wait to see what the blanche hotel has in store for downtown Lake City.