Biscuits for Heroes: Community gives back to COVID-19 first responders

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 6:34 PM EDT
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We’ve seen the community come together in many different ways as COVID-19 continues to spread across North Central Florida. Local first responders have been working nonstop to keep the community safe and healthy. One local business is showing their support for first responders with a new special program: Biscuits for Heroes.

The program lets customers order individually boxed meals for local healthcare workers or other first responders. All you have to do is make the order in person or online and Maple Street Biscuit will make the delivery to the location of your choice.

Neil Guistwite is the Community Leader at Maple Street Biscuit. He says the program is a small way to show the community's appreciation during a time when it might be difficult for first responders to get a meal or snack while on the job.

“We wanted an opportunity to be able to take care of those people on the front line and make sure they know we think they’re our heroes," Guistwite said.

Throughout 33 of the restaurant's chain stores, communities across the country have helped to prepare almost 1,500 meals for workers on the front line.

Lieutenant Audrey Mazzuca, with the Gainesville Fire Department, says it's comforting for first responders, knowing the community is there for them.

“It means a lot to first responders ... to have citizens that care about us, especially in times like this ... to go ahead and pay for us to get something to eat. We really appreciate it that citizens would think of taking care of us while we take care of them. It’s a neat feeling,” she said.

A sweet reminder that even in the most difficult times, coming together as a community can make all the difference.

"We are just the middle man. We are able to give out the meals, but it’s the community. It's the community that’s making a difference in these people’s live," Guistwite said.

You can make an anonymous donation or a donation in your name to first responders by visiting