Condo fire in Summerfield displaces 8 residents

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SUMMERFIELD, Fla. Investigators are still searching for the cause of a massive condo fire in Marion County Sunday night.

Luckily no one was injured, and one neighbor worked to make sure everyone was safe.

Cell phone video captured the terrible moment's flames were .ripping through homes in the Loch Harbor Condominiums in Summerfield.

Darlene Dandrea said, "We heard some screaming from out the back, as we were watching a movie and my husband looked out the window and saw the smoke so he immediately ran outside."

Darlene is one of the many residents that called 911 as her husband ran into the blaze to make sure everyone made it out safe.

Even attempting to wake up one woman who was deep asleep as the fire began to engulf the building.

Darlene Dandrea said, "He tried to knock down her door and then she finally woke up and he went up and got her out and then got her dog out."

Marion County Fire Rescue crews say they put out the flames and stayed until 2:30 Monday morning to see if any hot spots would re-ignite.

And hours later they had to re-enter a home because the flames kicked back up.

James Lucas said, “Subsequently after the fire was extinguished we were able to recover two cats and we returned them to the home owner."

Florida State Fire Marshals are handling the investigation and after speaking with the families, they say they're glad no one was hurt .