Congressman Ted Yoho speaks on Iran and impact of recent trade deals

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 11:42 PM EST
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Congressman Ted Yoho holds the third district seat for North Central Florida in the U.S. House of Representatives.

On the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal or USMCA, YOHO said Florida farmers and the damage done by NAFTA weren’t considered. He added that the new deal was supposed to account for the differing labor costs between Florida and Mexican produce but doesn't.

Yoho said he agrees with the US-China trade and President Trump's decision to be strong when putting tariffs on china's imports. For local farmers and agriculture as a whole, Yoho said that we'll see more American products going to China per the agreement.

Yoho is also on the house foreign affairs committee. On the topic of Iran, he said he agrees with President Trump's decision to meet with Iran anywhere, anytime and with no conditions.

"I applaud him for making a tough decision and I think the world is a safer place. Iran now will have to decide do you come to the negotiating table and I think you'll see they will because their people are fed up with the radical agenda they've had for forty years. They want peace and prosperity. We've got a lot of Iranians that live here in Gainesville. We know a lot of Iranians they're great people just like all people are around the world and so let's help them establish a form of government that works best for the Iranian people and I think that's what you'll see."

Yoho is now serving in his final term as Congressman and is sticking to the term limit he set during his first campaign. As of right now, Yoho is not endorsing a candidate.

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