Congressman Ted Yoho discusses Trump impeachment process during visit to UF

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Florida Congressman Ted Yoho shared his opinion about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump while speaking to students at UF Wednesday night.

He spoke about a range of topics, including his own career path and foreign affairs, but the hot topic in the room was the impeachment process.

"This has been something, it's hatred, it's not based on anything. And so they set a goal, 'We're going to impeach him. Now we've got to find out what we can impeach him on,' and so they're going through searches, and they're turning over everything bush, and I'll be surprised if they find anything," said Congressman Yoho. "And I've said this before - if there's something impeachable, you're darn right, nobody's above the law, and we'll make those votes, but what I've seen, the information I've read, there is nothing there."

Congressman Yoho's prediction is that President Trump will likely be impeached by the house, but would be acquitted by the senate.

He also said he believes the president's Republican base will stand by him throughout this impeachment process and that we could see more democrats voting against impeachment as well.