Congressman Ted Yoho wants Taiwan back in World Health Organization

Congressman Ted Yoho is trying to separate politics and health. As chair of the Foreign Relation Committee's Asia Subcommittee, Yoho is introducing bipartisan legislation that calls on the State Department to develop a strategy to bring Taiwan back into the World Health Organization.

In years past, Taiwan has participated in the World Health Assembly, the top health summit, under observer status. But this, year they were not invited because of objections from the Chinese government.

Yoho says Taiwan has been an invaluable voice in global health crises like the SARS outbreak.

Bonnie Glaser from the Center for Strategic and International Studies says their efforts are deserving of a seat at the table.

Glaser says China pushed out Taiwan because of a new government in Taipei that isn't favorable to Beijing. She says relations aren't improving and believes China's sway will keep Taiwan on the outside for the foreseeable future.

The Foreign Affairs committee has to pass Yoho's legislation before it can come up for a vote on the House floor.