Corn Maze season is only a few weeks away

With a harvest moon set to rise on Friday the 13th some are starting to feel the Halloween spirit in the air.

Here's how one farmer at the Peanut Patch and Corn Maze has been thinking about Halloween for months as he gets his corn maze ready for opening day in two weeks.

TV20's Landon Harrar reported, "the seeds for this corn maze were planted all the way back in March, even before St. Patricks Day, but it takes a whole lot more work than just sitting around hoping your plants grow to make a quality corn maze for the community."

"honestly when we're mowing it we get lost in it."

Many corn mazes like Peanut Patch and Corn Maze don't use actual corn for their fields but a hardier species of plant which doesn't require irrigation and doesn't grow potentially harmful projectiles.

Daniel Berry who is the caretaker and owner of Peanut Patch and Corn Maze explained, "this is a hybrid it grows a lot better in dryer conditions, it gets taller and thicker. Corn, on the other hand, will not grow as well or as tall without irrigation and we don't want anything growing on the corn people or kids could take off and use as projectiles throughout the maze."

The actual layout is cut into the field when the plants are still young says, Berry. "We go in and cut out the trail when it's about a foot and a half, two foot high so we can see over top of it. Then we got to keep it maintained throughout the season and we can add trails and corners and starts and stops as we go."

For Berry, this is his third year growing a maze to which he says the biggest difficulty they've faced has been the weather. "Mother Nature is our biggest one to tackle. This year we had to re-plant this maze 3 times due to the hot May that we had pretty burnt up 90 percent of it. Then when we started getting some rain that helped us out."

TV20's Landon Harrar reported "there will be 3 different mazes at this specific location, the big main maze which is of course the largest one. There will also be a smaller more kid-friendly option, so it's not quite as scary for the little ones. Then of course if you want all the chills and thrills, that's where the haunted corn maze comes into play and it's even got its own attached haunted house.