Corndog Poke Leads to Criminal Charges

GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) A man is behind bars after an argument at a gas station leads to a battery charge.
Tv 20's Landon Harrar shows us what made the suspect so upset.

Friday just after noon, deputies say Cavan Mcdaniel got angry at a gas station attendant because they would not sell him alcohol.
Lauren Lettelier, Marion County Sheriff Office's Public Information Officer explained "They would not sell him beer and because of his anger, he lashed out and threw whatever he had in his hands which apparently was hotdogs and he had a corndog stick inches hand and he poked her in the face causing a reddish injury to her eye."
Tv20's Landon Harrar reported"The man did not flee the scene after his corndog attack in fact he was still here on Friday when deputies arrived where he was promptly arrested."
Lettelier went on to explain "Just because of how this was done this is called simple battery so its not aggravated in nature so because of the circumstances of this case that is what he was charged with."
This was also a violation of his probation say Letellier.
"Currently it is battery touch or strike and also he violated his probation from Pasco County which was battery."
Mcdaniels is being held in marion county jail with no bond.