County commissioners seeking ways to enforce airboat curfew ordinance

ALACHUA CO., Fla., ( WCJB) Alachua County commissioners met to discuss ways to enforce the concern over airboats operating at night.

In 2010 voters approved a proposal to keep airboats off county lakes from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., but without a patrol boat, it has been almost impossible to enforce the ordinance.
County commissioners considered whether to spend up to 20-thousand dollars for a boat, motor, and trailer to be operated by a code enforcement officer. Another option could be to contract with the sheriff's office to have deputies more closely patrol boat ramps.

"It wouldn't take much enforcement for the word to spread for people to understand that if you got an airboat on the lake, you're a sitting duck, you can't hide if you're on an airboat on the lake in the middle of the night," stated Mike Byerly, county commissioner/

Commissioners made a motion for staff to come back to the board with a program that provides a thorough solution.