Missing Woman Found Dead In Dixie County Woods

A man from Gilchrist county is under arrest for murder after a missing woman's body was found in the woods.

Tv 20's Landon Harrar was on the scene today and explains how her body was discovered.

The missing woman, Dave and Paige, now identified as Heather Lamb was found close to a hundred yards off the main highway down a dirt road.

This is where heather lamb's body was found by a sheriffs deputy.
The investigation covers two counties as Lamb and the man charged with her murder, Albert Wood, are originally from Gilchrist County but the body was found in Dixie County.
Scott Harden, a Dixie County Sheriff Major says "White female that had on the clothing description and the physical description it appeared to be their missing person."
TV 20's Landon Harrar reported" a Gilchrist Sheriff Department information officer says they started looking into mr. Woods having some type of involvement in this missing persons case after a friend of Heather Lamb called in and said she had some concerns with some of the things mr. Woods was saying. Well he was arrested later and then taken to Dixie County who's Sheriff told me earlier today that he was actually the one that led Sheriff's deputies to exactly where the body of Heather Lamb was found in the woods."
Major Scott Harden added "they interviewed some people and we all felt pretty confident that she was here somewhere and she'd been a victim of a crime."
Dixie County sheriff's deputies called in a special crime scene team from the FDLE to gather evidence.
Major Scott Harden explained "On major crime scenes the technology that they have far exceeds the equipment and technology that a small agency like us we just don't have the resources to afford something like that and the stuff that they have and the ability they have to process and analyze."

Around 5 o:clock a Dixie County press release says Wood was arrested and charged with murder, he had previously been arrested for aggravated battery.