Deputies and organizers call the 2019 Crab Fest a success

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 6:13 PM EDT
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This year's Williston Crab Festival is being called a success by both law enforcement and event organizers.

The Williston Crab Fest has brought thousands of people to Levy County in its three decades of existence.

Levy County Sheriff's Deputies say with crowds of people coming from out of town, it's necessary for an increased law enforcement presence.

in 2013, four people were injured and one person was killed when shots were fired at the event.

Crab fest organizers tell TV20 the incident will not be forgotten or repeated.

Organizers say they don't want the 2013 tragedy to be the face of the festival as the family of the victim continues to grieve.

Born and raised in Williston, Kenuel Gates has been attending the Crab Fest since he was a kid.

Gates says its a community event he is excited to be a part of.

There were a total of nine arrests at this year's Crab Fest.

Those arrests include a DUI, driving with a suspended license, and a few drug possession charges.

Lt. Scott Tummond with the Levy County Sheriff's Office says the people arrested were traveling through or trying to get into the event.

Tummond confirms there were no calls about civil disturbances or violence at the actual event.

While both parties are calling this year's event a success, they both hope to have better communication in the future.

Gates says he hopes that now, people will give his childhood event a chance.

He says he looks forward to seeing people from surrounding counties attend and enjoy the event in the future.