Deputies find body and drug operation in Levy County home

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 4:28 PM EST
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Levy County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Lt. Scott Tummond said, "Yesterday afternoon, about 3:30, deputies responded to a home just outside of Williston."

What they thought was a typical call, left them rushing out with nausea and headaches.

"This is just another dangerous situation that our deputies have to encounter protecting our citizens on the street," he said. "Who would have known that a standard call to investigate something suspicious would have turned into something that could potentially be life-threatening to our deputies?"

They quickly realized the home was a sophisticated drug operation, and they had just inhaled noxious fumes.

On their way out they found the body of a 52-year old man.

And the plot thickens, not only did deputies find a marijuana operation being run in this house but by the time they got there, the marijuana was gone."

Neighbor, Denise Nichols said, "I go to work, down this road, back and forth, home for lunch and then home in the afternoons and yesterday afternoon, obviously I seen something going on here and it's always been kind of strange--the different cars coming and going from this house as I pass by, so."

But for now, all those cars are gone.

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