Deputies train for active shooting to prepare for worst-case scenarios

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ALACHUA CO, Fla., (WCJB) --- Hundreds of Alachua County sheriff's deputies participated in an active shooter training. Instructors say they want to be prepared for any situation.

"We at the sheriff's office every since Columbine have really worked on refining our technique and knowing that we will be on scene and we will respond to gunfire and that we will go an eliminate any threat," said Frank Kinsey.

Deputies were trained individually and in groups to learn the effective ways of responding solo or as a team. Guardians were also included so deputies can learn to identify them in an active shooting.

"If we put you through enough repetitions of this and you get that adrenaline and you heart rate gets up, you know what to expect, you're not afraid of that when it happens and you can focus more on what it is that you need to do and that is some of the tactics that we're teaching them and actually responding to the threat rather than focusing on your own heart rate," said Kinsey.

While a deputies decision-making process plays a key role, there are also others that are just as important.

Instructors say that as the dynamic of mass shootings change, they plan to be ready for a potential fateful moment.