Disaster aid bill fails to pass the Senate

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WASHINGTON, DC (WCJB)-- A Republican-led disaster aid bill fails to make it past the Senate floor after it comes short of a majority vote.

Democrats voting against the bill say more money is needed to help Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

Now Florida lawmakers are speaking out about Monday's loss.

The bill aimed to bring long-sought relief for victims of hurricanes, floods, and wildfires across the country.

Sen. Rick Scott said, "this is classic politics on his part. And he's saying 'Florida, Georgia, South/North Carolina, and Puerto Rico? You don't need the aid right now.' What they should do is understand that this is this the bill the president will sign; let's pass this bill. It has aid for Puerto Rico, it has aid for Florida and aid for other states. And then if we need to do more let's keep doing more."

US Rep. Neal Dunn voiced his disappointment with the bill's failure and expressed concern for Florida's economy.

Rep. Dunn said, "the economy of much of the area in the district is heavily dependent on either the military bases or the timber industry. So it's a huge economic disaster for all of us in the second congressional district of Florida but, by the way, also for Georgia, the Carolinas... in my district, Tyndall Air Force base is closed. This affects Tyndall; this affects the entire air force enterprise in terms of its readiness and its ability. It's just an unprecedented failure on the part of Congress."

Senate Democrats say they want to add less than seven-million dollars in disaster aid for Puerto Rico and several other states.

They also say they want billions of dollars in rebuilding funds that have already been approved to be released as well.