UPDATE: Christopher Chestnut permanently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court

Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 6:23 PM EDT
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UPDATE (08/22/2019, 5:30pm):

Christopher Chestnut, a former Florida Attorney who is currently wanted by police, has been permanently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court.

A general disbarment can, to varying degrees, be temporary and an attorney who faces it can possibly return to practice law.

A permanent disbarment is irreversible.


Two months after he was disbarred in Florida, a judge in Martin County has ordered his arrest.

In January, a court ordered Chestnut to pay more than $700,000 in a breach of contract case.

Now judge William Roby has found Chestnut in contempt for failing to comply with the court order. His arrest has been ordered if found in Florida.

Chestnut's last known address is in Atlanta.

Court records show he is trying to appeal the January decision.