Disney bans certain strollers

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 6:49 PM EDT
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If you're preparing for a trip to Disney or any one of its theme parks this summer, those with small children may need to rethink their stroller plans.

Designed to help ease congestion, the Walt Disney company has announced a change to its stroller policy.

Starting May 1st, 2019, strollers being brought to Disney's theme parks must be 31 inches wide and 52 inches long or smaller. Stroller wagons will also not be permitted in Disney parks.

But for mother Casey Leverett, a stroller wagon is essential for her daughter, as she has an illness that makes it difficult to walk far distances.

"We were upset and we ended up canceling our upcoming trip because they wouldn't budge, even with a medical note from our daughter pediatrician," she said.

And while many strollers, including double jogging strollers, fit within these guidelines, according to Disney's new policy, Leverett thinks if one goes, they all should go.

"It's unfair if you're going to ban something that is smaller than a double stroller for crowd control you might as well double and triple strollers as well," she added.

Wagon stroller company Keenz Stroller Wagons also made comment about the new stroller policy on social media writing, "the news of this recent policy change by Disney has been very heartbreaking to we ourselves are frequent customers at Disney."

The wagon stroller company also encourages its customers to take action and voice their concerns.

Disney has also updated its policy on smoking. Again starting May 1st, designated smoking areas will no longer be present except outside of the park's entrances.