Dixie Co. deputies investigating accidental shooting at Youth League football practice


A bullet coming from an unknown location disrupted the end of a youth football practice in Cross City Thursday night.

Here's why although one person was injured it could have been much worse.

People at the field say they heard multiple shots while others across the field heard none.
It happened right as practice was about to end around 8 pm.

Justin Cotman is the Director for Wildcats Youth Football, he didn't hear the shot but explained: "we had one of our staff members walk up and say somebody had been hit so we quickly ran over and assessed the situation made sure everybody was safe, the kids were safe and we called deputies that's how it went."

TV20's Landon Harrar reported, "everyone who I spoke with today including parents who were here last night and sheriff's deputies who responded to the shooting say it's believed this was not targeted towards anybody, no kids or anybody on this practice field. They said it was just a freak accident with the bullet coming from around this direction most likely because the woman who was hit was standing roughly here and it hit her in the back of the leg right around here."

Major Scott Harden, Dixie County Sheriff's Office spokesman added, "I think once everybody realized the wound was superficial and the way circumstances played out the projectile was recovered and all that I think everybody realized it was just an unfortunate incident. We may never know where it came from but we'll certainly try to find where it came out."

Harden says deputies canvased the area to try to find where the bullet came from to no avail.
Practice was canceled Friday but the season will go on and practices will not be moved to another location says, Cotman.

"Come back out here we'll continue to play football and we'll do everything, I mean safety is our #1 priority for the kids. The season starts August 31st let's go."

Deputies think the bullet was fired from far away because it did not have enough velocity to pierce the woman who was hit.
A nurse on the scene said there was some swelling and a decent sized knot but no entry wound, a handgun caliber bullet was found on the ground.--------------------------------------------------------

Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating what they are calling an accidental shooting at a Youth League football practice yesterday night.

Deputies say a woman was injured in the accidental shooting around 8 pm at the end of practice.

She was shot in the back of the leg and is in a non-life-threatening condition.

Deputies are still trying to find out where the shot came from but they say they do not believe it was intentional.

No children were hurt in the shooting.