UPDATE: Easter Bowl will take place at Waldo Motorsports

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UPDATE: The Easter Bowl will now be taking place on Easter Sunday at Waldo Motorsports.

The event was originally supposed to take place in Gainesville, but due to planning issues, coordinators had to search for a new location.

In two weeks, Waldo CIty manager, Kim Worley was able to secure a venue at Waldo Motorsports.

Worley says the coordinators were able to employ security and take care of all necessary protocols for the event.

Worley says she is excited to see what the event will bring to Waldo.

Starting at 2 p.m. on Easter Sunday there will be an egg hunt and car show.

The concert will take place at 6 p.m.

(4/2/19 11:35 pm) : A community event that would host more than 1,000 people on Easter Sunday has been canceled but there is a chance it will be resurrected. County officials told TV20 that the event organizers sold tickets before the event was approved by the county.

The Alachua County Fairgrounds was the proposed site for an " Easter Bowl" event but the county says they never approved the venue.

Bryan Williams, who says he's one of the main organizers of the event, says that all of the documents that were requested were submitted.

But when asked by TV20 Williams was not able to provide the official signed documentation.

" we had all the legal documentation, we sent it over to a few a lawyers and now we have lawyers calling from everywhere and we intend to sue if they don't let us go forward with our event," stated Williams.

Mark Sexton with the county says the organizers had not completed all the required steps for the event to be approved, however, organizers promoted and sold tickets.

" They want to sell alcohol at this event you have to have that license in place thirty days before the event, they did not. There are insurance certifications that were not in place and a license agreement certainly has to be in place," stated Mark Sexton, Alachua County spokesperson.

Despite not having the proper paperwork submitted, safety was a top concern, and ASOS says a site safety and security plan was never submitted.
"The sheriff's office is simply part of this entire process and what we have the responsibility for is the safety and security of all of our citizens who may be able to go to this event," stated Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, ASO spokesperson.

Organizers say they believe that the issue is because it'll be a rap concert, but county leaders say it has nothing to do with the nature of the event.

" It has to do with doing the proper steps and picking a time where law enforcement can adequately secure an event like this and the event organizer did not do that," stated Sexton.

Event organizers told TV20 that they have found another location for the holiday event but they were not able to provide an official signed contract for the new venue.

UPDATE (4/2/19 2:10pm) Alachua County officials have released a statement concerning the The 'Easter Bowl', planned for April 21st. They say it will not be happening, pointing out that the County never entered into an agreement or approved the event.

In a press release issued April 2, Alachua County Communications and legislative Affairs Director mark Sexton says that "County requirements for entering into a contact for an event of this magnitude were not met. These requirements include items that need to be in place 30 days before an event such as an alcohol sales license, insurance certification, a license agreement for use of the Alachua County Fairgrounds, and a security plan approved by the Alachua County Sheriff's Office. These items were not in place 30 days out from the East Bowl event."

Sexton specifically mentions the security plan, stating the prior commitments to previously scheduled events, like the Garth Brooks concert, limited the number of personnel available to secure the venue for the Easter Bowl.

"The County is willing to work with the event planners to find an alternative date for this event." finished Sexton.


Organizers of an entertainment-filled Easter Sunday celebration that’s expected to see nearly 10,000 people have doubts the event will take place.

The “Easter Bowl” is a car show, Easter egg hunt, and concert scheduled to take place the 21st of this month. One of the organizers told TV 20 the Alachua County Sheriff's Office pulled out of providing security at the Alachua County Fairgrounds for the event, saying that they don't have to resources to provide security.

The Easter bowl would take place one day after the Garth Brooks concert at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that will require extra security from ASO. According to ASO, event organizers never submitted a site safety and security plan.

Alachua County officials also say that the group never received permission to use the fair grounds and had started selling tickets despite this.

Rappers Plies and NBA Youngboy are set to perform. An Easter Bowl organizer believes there’s a simpler explanation behind this.

"They didn't want to do it because it's a rap concert,” Bryan Williams said. He further explained the bowl is a combination of events for the community and culture.

Tickets already being sold for the event ranged between $35 and $50.

ASO said it will work with the organizers if they choose to reschedule the event.