Eastside Institute of Culinary Arts competes in NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Four members of the Eastside Institute of Culinary Arts had the opportunity to compete in the semifinals of the NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge Friday.

Eastside is one of just 36 semifinalists nationwide and hosted the other two Florida programs, Nature Coast Tech and the International Studies Preparatory Academy, for the cook-off.

The overall winner of the competition will have their entree processed by the Johnson Space Center Food Lab and sent to the International Space Station for consumption by the astronauts.

Eastside’s entry, ‘Tacos in Space’, is actually a preparation of pork carnitas quesadillas.

Ten finalists will be selected later in the spring and will head to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston in April to compete in the final culinary cook-off.