Environmental Enforcement Unit tackle illegal trash dumping

OCALA, Fla., (WCJB) --- An enforcement unit in Ocala has been put together to send a message to people dumping trash where they shouldn't, to help fix the illegal dumping problem and to catch those doing it.

Illegal trash dumping is becoming a big problem in the city of Ocala and it's costing thousands of taxpayers dollars

Old toys, furniture, car parts, and trash is being illegally dumped in many isolated areas in Ocala.

"Months ago the city of Ocala, the city council, the city manager and the mayor saw that there was a need for some type of environmental enforcement mainly due to illegal dumping," stated James Pogue, environmental enforcement officer.

An isolated area near SW 24th Avenue and NW 1st street is just one of the several illegal dump sites throughout the city.

Patricia Brown says she's glad that the city is tackling the issue of illegal dumping.

"It does need to be cleaned up because its a lot of stuff going on, people dumping junk in people yards and they ride by dumping trash and I been living here all my life so I know how it is," stated Brown.

The trash removal at this site weighed about six tons and costs about $1500 hundred of the city's taxpayers dollars.

"They doing stuff like that they need to be put in jail," stated Brown.

Trash such as tires, present a hazard because as they fill with water it becomes a mosquito issue.

"If you're the one that's illegally dumping you better stop because if we catch you-you're going to jail," stated Pogue.

Pogue is asking that if you see someone illegally dumping to get a description of the person, their vehicle, and to report it to the Environmental Enforcement Unit at 352-629-8309.