Evacuating Levy County: what to bring

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LEVY COUNTY, Fla., (WCJB) -- In Levy County, local agencies are urging those who live in the flood plains to evacuate.

A high risk for storm surge flooding in western Levy County might leave you in a shelter. If you have cats and dogs, your'e going to need to bring a couple extra things.

"Right now this is a very fast moving storm," said Levy County Sheriff's public information officer Lt. Scott Tummond, "The time that we have to prepare is very minimal."

Levy County emergency management has issued a mandatory evacuation for western Levy County, where flooding could leave those living on the island of cedar key stranded until water receeds.

"If you're not prepared now, you're running out of daylight, you need to get on the move, you need to get you, and your possessions, and your animals out of the way of the flood," Lt. Tummond said.

Getting yourself and your family out of the way will bring you to Bronson Elementary School, where they have accommodations for families and those with special needs. Nurses will be on staff, but you must bring your own medication. If you have special needs, a cot to sleep on and a toiletries packet will be provided. Otherwise, you'll have to bring your own bedding, snacks, and toiletries.

Another thing to remember: "our shelters are not pet friendly," Tummond continued.

Your furry friends can not stay with you at the shelter, they must be dropped off at the Levy County animal shelter. You have to bring a cage, food, vaccination records, and other toys or leashes that your dog is used to.

"If you get to our animal control center to drop your animal off, and you do not have rabies vaccination documentation with you, they will vaccinate your animal," Tummond informed. The Humane Society announced Wednesday morning that they will be waiving the standard vaccination fees.

Animals will only be excepted from families who are staying at the bronson elementary school shelter.