FCADV state investigation starts with three testimonies

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(WCJB)-- The scandal involving millions of dollars meant for domestic violence victims played out over five hours of testimony at the state House.
The House public integrity and ethics committee interrogated three board members of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence about an extravagant compensation package for their former CEO.

Board member Theresa Beachy of Gainesville did not testify yesterday as originally scheduled.

Board chair Melody Keeth, Director Laurel Lynch and first Vice-Chair Angela Diaz-Vidaillet of the coalition spoke about their involvement in former CEO, Tiffany Carr paying out more than seven million dollars in paid time off.

House Representative Randy Fine asked Lynch, "what is the logic of providing 620 days in paid time off in a year that only has 365 days of which only 260 by any stretch can be considered work days" in regard to a 2018 compensation memo she signed off for Carr.

Lynch said, "But I can tell you we have awarded Ms. Carr additional PTO days every year given her health concerns. With the understanding, she had the conversation, at least with me, that should she need it in an emergency because of this brain surgery, she would have it. I never expected, I never thought (she) cashed it out."

Keeth, Lynch and Diaz-Vidaillet say they were in shock to see days instead of hours on Carr's employee contract.

Diaz-Vidaillet added, "We were under the impression we were approving for hours. The board, those of us who have, when I receive these documents I send them out to everybody and one of the first responses we had was, how did this become base?"

Diaz-Vidaillet says she cannot confirm that the contract she signed was altered but in a discussion between herself, Keeth, Lynch and the board's treasurer Theresa Beachy, that the paid time off was supposed to be in hours.

All three women said that the paid time off was intended for Carr to have brain surgery.

Beachy of Peaceful Paths in Gainesville had her testimony deferred to a later date.

Former CEO Tiffany Carr and board member Donna Fagan of Lake City haven't been found to deliver their subpoenas.The hearing will continue with Patricia Duarte and Sandra Barnett on Thursday.