FDLE report on the fatal shooting of two Gilchrist Co. Deputies reveals killer's past

Published: Dec. 26, 2018 at 6:27 PM EST
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On April 19th, 2018, John Highnote shot and killed Gilchrist County Sheriff's Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey with a Ruger Rach .223 caliber rifle while they were eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Trenton.

Now, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has released a report which paints a picture of Highnote as an angry man who hated law enforcement.

Highnote's writings, which were found at his house and in his jeep, amount to racist ramblings, and threats to law enforcement officers.

The report shows he called cops "PIGS AND LEACHES." and said that, "ALL COPS ARE EVIL, STUPID, LAZY and live off the backs of everyday people."

According to the report, investigators also found several cameras, guns, and ammunition on his property.

The report notes approximately 10,165 photo files were found on memory cards on the shooters property and in approximately 202 photos he had a handgun or rifle in his hands.

Also found inside his home were shooting targets; one with the words “Coward Cops” written on it.

While searching for the killer’s criminal history, investigators discovered a stalking report written in 2006 by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. The report noting Highnote had been stalking a woman he started dating.

The FDLE report also reveals interviews with Highnote’s family members, one of those interviews with his sister.

The report shows his sister thought Highnote applied for the Florida Highway Patrol.

The report notes her saying “Oh my god, he doesn't, they don't need him, he's too high strung for that stuff.”

The FDLE report concluded that Highnote did not know, or have previous run-ins with, Deputy Taylor Lindsey and Sgt. Noel Ramirez before killing them.

The report also notes that Highnote was spotted drinking beer in his Jeep outside Coleman Construction in Newberry earlier that same day.

He had been fired from the construction company two and a half years prior, the company cited anger issues as the reason for letting him go.

The medical examiner's report shows Highnote had alcohol in his system when he died, and a retracing of his route shows Highnote likely side-swiped a power poll on US-27 on his way to Trenton.

Finally, the report shows that Highnote had the front desk phone number for TV20 programmed as a contact in his phone.

But the assigned name did not correspond with anyone who's ever worked at the station, and we don't know of any instances of Highnote actually calling WCJB.