FDOT encourages Florida residents to weigh in on new roadways

Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 4:54 AM EDT
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The Florida Department of Transportation has launched a website for the state’s multi-use corridors (M-CORES). The goal is to encourage residents to get involved with state plans.

In a statement from the FDOT:

"The M-CORES program has multiple goals, including job creation, revitalizing rural communities, and to provide regional connectivity using technology to help enhance quality of life and public safety. During the process, protecting the environment and natural resources will be a priority. The objective of the program is to advance the construction of regional corridors that are intended to accommodate multiple modes of transportation and multiple types of infrastructure including broadband, sewage, water, and electric systems.”

The department is expected to form and use a task force for each of three corridors to make high-level recommendations for their respective areas. Those corridors include:

  • Southwest-Central Florida Connector, extending from Collier County
  • Suncoast Connector, extending from Citrus County to Jefferson County
  • Northern Turnpike Connector, extending from the northern terminus of the Florida Turnpike northwest to the Suncoast Parkway

Residents with comments or concerns can email the FDOT at FDOT.Listens@dot.state.fl.us