FIU signs 5-year agreement with Tel Aviv University

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TEL AVIV, Israel (CNS)-- Florida International University Tuesday signed a five-year agreement with Tel Aviv University to explore why children become anxious and how to avoid the negative consequences of that anxiety.

FIU President Mark Rosenberg says the two will share a $5 million grant.

“Our psychologists will identify new solutions for addressing child anxiety, new solutions for addressing depression, for reducing individuals who drop out, and in particular, they're very concerned with child suicide, and they're going to find a new way to treat the causes and conditions that lead to child depression. So we're very excited about it, 5 year study, $5 million National Institute of Mental Health, FIU and Tel Aviv university,” FIU President Mark Rosenberg

Yale University will be included as a secondary site in the study. The universities will test a treatment for child social anxiety disorder.