Fallen Firefighters honored in Marion County

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 5:25 PM EDT
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All gave some and some gave all. And those firefighters who gave their lives in the last year were honored at the Florida State Fire College in Marion County today.

Some family members of the fallen firefighters had the chance to explain why today is a day they will always remember.

More than 300 people, including local, state and out of town firefighters gathered in the courtyard of the Florida State Fire College to honor the lives of their fallen brothers and sisters.

Lesly Dorminy said, "The brotherhood, the comradery, it's indescribable honestly."

The bell rings, symbolizing the nine that had their names forever engraved in stone to be remembered.

Brandi De Marinis said, As long these ceremonies continue in my husband’s name, to me he's still living; not just inside my heart, but here."

De Marinins lost her husband Joseph back in 2016. She says he was loyal man to the Clermont Fire Department family.

He leaves behind six children, one of whom he never got the chance to meet.

Brandi De Marinis said, "He played Nintendo with the six year old who's now asking where his father is every day. I mean we miss him, we truly do."

Dorminy says the same feelings resonate with her family as well as she received an honorary flag and a medallion in her husband’s name.

Lesly Dorminy said, "These little bits are what we all can hold near to our hearts. They’re going to always be special."

Fire officials say a firefighter’s job usually keeps them away from their family, friends and loved ones all because they're doing a job to protect others in the communities around them.

And today those grieving families will have more than just memories to live with.