Families from Bahamas find refuge in NCFL

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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB)-- For many people in the Bahamas, they have lost everything due to Hurricane Dorian's devastating power, but thanks to the generosity of a select few living in Ocala, these displaced families have a home in North Central Florida.

Robin McBride and Cindy MacKay are providing clothes, food and the essentials to several families evacuating from the Bahamas.

"Cindy and I have co-owned a house in Elbow Key for 20 years, we spend a lot of time there, our kids basically grew up there and we basically became friends and gotten to know so many lovely, sweet hard-working families and we just want to reach out and help the best way we could,” McBride said.

And it all started with a Facebook message.

"I just had some random person in south Florida message me and say, 'I've got families are you willing to take them?’” she added.

So far McBride and MacKay have helped out two families, and hope to host two more that are on the way.

"Actually helping, and doing but actually seeing people coming together, being so helpful in us coming over here and they're opening up their homes for us and just being very, very helpful and that's to show how good a human heart can be,” said Charlin Jen-jacques.

And while Jen-jacques and Kendrick Fenelus recover here in Ocala, they remain positive.

"Be strong, we're going to re-built,” Fenelus said.

McBride and MacKay are looking for help in housing excavated families.

McBride can be reached at RSM2507@aol.com or via phone by texting ‘HT’ to 352-234-3272.