Fan Reactions To Gator Spring Football

Thousands of fans sporting every variety of orange and blue you can imagine, took to Gainesville's streets to get their first peek at this seasons gator football team along with their new head coach.

Whether it was newborn babies sporting Tim Tebow jerseys to alumni from the 50's and 60's, Gainesville was rocking with gator pride.

Hundreds of fans waited for hours on the street to get their spot for the gator walk.
Karen Holland is extremely passionate about her gators and called out many by name during the gator walk. "Oh I am just the biggest gator fan on earth and they need me here because I just love it, it's all I can say it's the best it brings a smile to my face all year thinking about this."
Even with a not so great last season with only 4 wins, the coaching change has fans hungry for some hard hitting football.
Hollands said "It's excitement there's like sparks in the air. Dan Mullen has done an awesome job creating and just getting everybody back and worked up about the gators again."
Kurt Schmal graduated from UF in 1963, he said "We went through a real bad period and went down and I think the excitement is re-kindled."
Layne Reva traveled from Tampa to come watch the gators and he's most excited to see some big its. "I'm definitely ready to see some contact like I haven't seen any football in months like since the national championship game I haven't seen anything."
Khrystyna McCoy is the sister of TJ McCoy who starts at center for the gators, she said " I always love the gator atmosphere since I was a little girl we've been coming to gator games and to be here to support my brother all the gators and the new coaching staff its just to be here to rep gator pride and his number."
The air was full of cheers and the smell of good food, including the big green egg cookoff which Tv20's Brianda Villegas was a judge for. It's clear the excitement for a football season still months away is very much alive.
Holland said "Gator pride is strong even if you only won one game you still have gator pride but its better when you win lots of games."
Schmal thinks everybody who lives in Gainesville should join in the excitement. "If they don't get excited they need to move."
McCoy said "It doesn't matter if its in season or out of season gator fans are the best fans in the country and thats hands down."