Farm To School Work Hub Provides Produce for Local Schools' Cafeterias

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The farm to school work hub in Alachua County is also home to the Growing Educational Training campus, also known as GET. This is where students with disabilities learn life skills and receive job training while helping get fresh, local food into school lunches.

Farm To School has been growing produce for the past 6 years and along with growing their own, they also buy produce from local farms that ends up in school cafeterias.

They also have a program called “harvest of the month” which highlights one specific produce item.

Farm To School Coordinator Kelli Brew says, “For the harvest of the month, we serve a special item that we really promote with the students so that they will give it a try. Every student in the county has the opportunity to choose that. This month, it’s going to be Muscadine Grapes. “

Elementary school students throughout the county are encouraged to choose the harvest of the month item by receiving a trading card that either highlights the farmer or the product itself.

16 schools in the Alachua County School District have their own gardens on property and work closely with the Farm To School Program. Last year, the farm to school hub produced over 2,500 pounds of produce for school cafeterias and lunches.