Firefighters and UF Health employees raise awareness for life-saving phone app

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- North Central Florida firefighters teamed up with UF health personnel to raise awareness about a life-saving phone app.
Here's how you can take part as well.

fire-trucks, ambulances and even UF Health's Shandsair helicopter drew a crowd to Bass Pro Shop.
Elizabeth Warren is the chest pains coordinator for UF health who said, "this week is AED and CPR awareness week so basically life-saving skills and life-saving equipment is out in our community everywhere and we're trying to get people aware of them for people who have a cardiac arrest and need chest compressions. The AED's are automatic external defibrillators and those just re-set the heart rhythm."

last September Alachua County joined up with the app "pulse point" which alerts anybody with the app of someone having a cardiac arrest nearby so they can go start life-saving CPR before first responders even arrive.

Gainesville Fire rescue Lieutenant David Sutton said, "we have been able to show specifically in this city that when bystanders are involved in doing compressions which we often refer to as CPR, just the act of compressions increases the likelihood of out of hospital spontaneous circulation by 50 and even 60 percent."

Warren added, "it works with the 911 dispatch so if somebody has a cardiac arrest and someone has called 911 for that if you have this app you can get a notification to your phone to respond. It gives the persons location and any AED's that are in the area you can grab on your way to do chest compression."

Sutton says the app comes in handy even for first responders because it can give them a few minutes head start.
"We get alerted to a call and sometimes before they can dispatch the appropriate unit because they're going through the appropriate questions if I know it's in my area sometimes I start getting dressed."

For anyone who downloads the app, there is also a treasure hunt going on until June 15th. The pulse point app shows where more than 200 AED's are around Gainesville but there are many more not on the app.
If you find one and document its location you can have your name entered in a drawing to win signed Gator gear or a Bass Pro Shop gift basket.