Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute Announces $10 Million Cancer Facility To Be Built in Ocala

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OCALA, Fla. The Florida Cancer Specialties & Research Institute announced they'll be building a new $10-million dollar cancer facility in Ocala.

The center is expected to be finished within the next year.

Bradley Prechtl, the CEO of Florida Cancer Specialties & Research Institute says once the new state-of-the-art cancer center is built in Ocala, it will serve more than 250 patients.

Bradley Prechtl said, "Through that cancer center we'll expand not only offering medical oncology services, but we're going to add clinical research, radiology through PET scans and CT scans as well as radiation oncology."

Prechtl says the goal is to make the treatment process easier on the patients, while serving all of their needs under one roof.

Doctor Vipul Patel says he's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

Dr. Vipul Patel said, "It will be more of a multi-disciplinary approach, we'll have radiology there, we can speak with the radiation doctors, we can speak with the radiologist and coordinate their care much faster and simpler that will make things a lot easier for them."

The Florida Cancer Specialist Foundation which works as a non-profit aid to the patients will help them take care of their monthly bills and costs so that they can strictly focus on getting better.

Shelly Glenn said. "Our doctors pay the overhead so 100% of every donation goes to patient grants. And we pay directly to those entities not to the patients. So we pay the electric companies, to the mortgage company, to the landlord and so forth."

Because the staff and medical team want every patient to know that they'll always have their best interests in mind.