Florida Department of Education releases 2019 school grades

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCJB) - The Florida Department of Education has released their 2019 grades for school districts and individual schools.

Here are the grades for Schools Districts in North Central Florida:
Alachua County: A (improving from a B in 2018)
Bradford County: C
Columbia County: B
Dixie County: A (improving from a B in 2018)
Gilchrist County: A
Lafayette County: A
Levy County: B (improving from a C in 2018)
Marion County: B
Suwannee County: B
Union County: B

In Alachua County, 11 schools improved, while 6 decreased. The county is focused on raising the grades for the schools that are low. County spokesperson Jackie Johnson says "Among the six schools that had received grades lower than C last year, four of them managed to boost their grades and one of them went all the way from a D to a B."
In Alachua County, Hawthorne High School received an "incomplete" due to the fact that the state had to ensure they had 95% of their students complete the standardized testing. They received the same grade last year, but had it changed to a C after review.

Marion county had 21 schools increase their grade and 29 schools remain where they were last year and only had one school decrease. The county is very happy with the schools that were able to maintain their high grades. County spokesperson Kevin Christian says its tougher to maintain a high grade than to raise a grade, so the schools have been working really hard, which the county is very proud of.

Gilchrist County was very impressive and received a grade of A for each school in the county.

For a full list of how each individual school did, follow the link here to get to the Florida Department of Education's Website.