Florida Natural History Museum offering extended hours in July

The Florida Museum of Natural History is offering extended hours for visitors every Friday in July.

Part of these extended hours includes offering free film screenings of "B" movies. This summer's movies explore Leonardo da Vinci's unique view on art, flight, the human body, and innovation.

The idea is to have expert panels speak before the movie begins on topics such as how the movie's special effects portray science and whether or not its a true and correct portrayal of those sciences.

Museum Educator Tiffany Ireland explained, "we have an actual panel discussion so we're talking about the real and fake science of "B" movies. It's a way to show the interactions and relationships between the sciences and arts."

The movies start at 7 but you don't have to watch to take part in the extended hours. The entire museum except for the kid's zone, butterfly exhibit and seasonal exhibit are open until 10 pm for the public to enjoy if they want to take a late-night stroll through the museum.