Florida Senate passes bill to legalize smokable medical marijuana

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(WCJB)-- In a 34 to 4 vote, the Florida Senate has passed a bill allowing smokable medical marijuana.

This comes eight days before a May 15th deadline requested by the governor. Qualified patients would be allowed to acquire two and a half ounces of whole flower marijuana every 35 days.

It bans smokable marijuana as an option for those under 18 unless they suffer from a terminal condition and have received a recommendation from two doctors.

Senator Jeff Brandes commented on the vote, "I think that's what our goal here was, was to make sure that we're focused on accomplishing what the courts have directed and what the voters voted on overwhelmingly. And so we've been working around the clock with our colleagues in the house, with the governor's office to come up with a consensus product and I think we've done that."

If the house doesn't also pass the bill, Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to pull the state out of an ongoing lawsuit that would force the legislature's hand on the issue.