"Florida Woman" goes viral in maternity shoot with gator, shotgun and Bud Light

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TAMPA, Fla. (WCJB)-- A Florida woman's unique maternity photo has gone viral with hundreds of shares on her page alone. It features her and her husband posting with a baby alligator, a shotgun, a Florida flag and a case of Bud Light.

"I wanted a picture different than your run-of-the-mill maternity photos of women in the forest being goddesses," Lindsey Tuttle told local TV station WTSP. "'Florida man' has always cracked up my husband and I (both native Floridians), so we decided to make me Florida woman."

And don't worry, Tuttle reassured people that the alligator, named Fred, was not harmed in the making of this photo.

She captioned the photo on Facebook: "Last minute practice for baby. Alligators don't like to bottle feed, apparently.... Didn't try to breastfeed."

"I'm reaching critical Florida woman levels," she later quipped in the comments section.

The Tuttles said "Florida Baby" is due in early March.