Florida cabinet arrives in Israel to discuss political, economic relations

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TEL AVIV, Israel (WCJB)-- The majority of the trade delegation, which includes corporate executives, academic scholars, and religious leaders, left Miami just before midnight Friday.

They touched down in Tel Aviv Sunday afternoon after a 13-hour flight and a seven-hour timezone change.

First on the agenda, a meet and greet.

“We have a lot of things on tap, I mean you look from economic development, science and academic research, to tourism,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to Enterprise Florida, which is sponsoring the trip, there are two purposes.

First to introduce Florida businesses to global trade and to attract job-creating foreign investment in Florida.

“And look for great and advanced technology which the state of Florida is beginning to tap very effectively to our various incubators,” said Enterprise Florida Senior Vice President Manny Mencia.

The Governor is already calling this mission a success.

“One of the things we’re going to be announcing is the start of direct fights to Orlando now. They do have them in Miami, which has been successful. I really believe given the theme parks and all that, that would be a great place for Israelis to visit. It would also be great for Cetral Floridians to be able to come,” said DeSantis.

Delegates hit the ground running Monday.

Memorial Day isn’t a holiday in Israel.

Monday’s schedule begins at 8 am and last well into the evening.

The day will begin with the signing of memorandums of understanding between Florida Universities and Israeli counterparts.