Former Eagle Scout, 29, accused of running online fentanyl operation

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SALT LAKE CITY, Ut. (WCJB)-- A 29-year-old former Eagle Scout accused of running a multimillion-dollar fentanyl ring out of his suburban Salt Lake City basement is set to go on trial Monday.

Aaron Shamo ordered the fentanyl from China and paid a number of people to receive it at their homes and turn it over to him. According to authorities, Shamo and others allegedly cut the powder, added other fillers and pressed it into pills, using dyes and stamps to mimic the appearance of legitimate pharmaceuticals.

The pills were purchased over the dark web and distributed through the mail. Prosecutors say it was a multi-million dollar operation.

Authorities said the 2016 bust of the operation that sold nearly a half-million pills ranked among the largest in the country. Police also found over a million dollars in cash.

Each pill cost less than a penny to make and could be sold on the street as a legitimate pharmaceutical for $20 or more.