Former Alabama Senate candidate's lawyer arrested in Gainesville

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 5:04 PM EDT
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An attorney that once represented former Alabama Chief Justice and Senate candidate, Roy Moore, was arrested Thursday night in Gainesville.

Alachua County Deputies arrested Trenton Rogers Garmon, 40, after they were called to the Hotel Indigo in Celebration Pointe about a man causing a disturbance.

According to the arrest report, as deputies arrived staff told them that the disturbance was coming from the 4th floor, saying an older man was screaming racist profanities at some of the hotel guests.

While deputies were getting on an elevator, they could hear a man screaming coming from the 4th floor. Before they arrived, they heard Garmon in an adjacent elevator that opened up back in the lobby.

Deputies that were in the lobby witnessed Garmon verbally berating the two patrons with racial slurs and cuss words. The Deputies stopped Garmon when he began backing the two patrons into a corner of the elevator.

A deputy grabbed Garmon's arm to take him away from the patrons, but Garmon went back to the two patrons again. This led to deputies trying to arrest Garmon.

A deputy was able to place the first handcuff on Garmon's wrist and was given verbal commands to comply. Garmon jerked his arm away and spun around with his other arm high towards the deputy.

Garmon had to be put in the ground to be arrested. He later said that he had been drinking wine and was obviously "heavily intoxicated."

This is not Garmon's first run-in with the law as well. According to Huntsville, Al, news website, Garmon was arrested in 2019 on DUI and drug possession charges.

The man Garmon once represented, Roy Moore, ran for Senate in Alabama in a 2017 special election, that he lost to Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

He was charged in Alachua County with public intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. Garmon was held briefly at the Alachua County jail before being released.