Former Gator Football Player Fights for his Life

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It's a story that's gone viral on social media. Former Gator football player, Neiron Ball, is fighting for his life, but the community is coming together in his time of need.

To the Gator Nation, Neiron Ball, is known for his big hits and play making ability on the football field. But, to family, friends, and teammates, he was always just a little kid, in a big kid's body.

"When he would come home and go right to Walmart our local store and he would get in the basket and let us push him around," Neiron's sister, Natalie Ball Myricks said.

One of Neiron's abilities is bringing fun and smiles to those around him. Now, he's looking for others to put a smile on his face.

"All of the University of Florida and all of the Gators yelled to support you. and he started smiling and he was aware and i saw he perked up," said his sister.

Neiron suffered from an aneurysm in September of 2018, causing him to be hospitalized. However, his insurance company has downgraded his medical needs to a nursing home status.

His sister tells TV20, "so basically he's a two to three thousand dollar a day patient. and so the insurance will only pay for skilled nursing facilities which is basically…he won't get any rehab there. he would just lay up, develop bed sores and deteriorate."

But, Before he can be transferred to a rehab facility, he would first need to have plastic surgery. With his insurance set to eventually run out, a GoFundMe page, has been set up to cover medical costs.

"And it went all around the University of Florida. fans and alumni they rallied together and we hit that goal in a day so I'm shocked," said Neiron's sister.

Neiron has received support from former teammates and Gator Alumni like Keanu Neal, Max Garcia, and Jordan Reed, who has given the most at $10,000 dollars.

And just as Neiron overcame obstacles to play football, his brother-in-law tells TV20 expect him to do the same now.

"Well he's a fighter. that's one thing we tried to make clear.there are a lot of different opinions about our situation and it's real simple for us. as long as he's fighting we're fighting," said Dary Myricks.

His sister, Natalie, is asking for people to write Neiron letters, so that they can be read to him by his bedside.

The address to send letters to is:
1256 McAllistar Drive
Locust Grove, GA 30248