Former UF football player allegedly attacked for wearing MAGA hat

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- A former Gator linebacker is claiming he was attacked because of his political views after celebrating Independence Day.

"Attacking people is never the answer," said Weldon.

UF student Daniel Weldon wrote a post on his Facebook page saying he was attacked by a group of people in pita pit across from campus after celebrating the fourth of July. Pita Pit's manager says he didn't see an attack on the tape, but their cameras don't cover all areas of the restaurant.

"I walk in, no more than 10 steps and then I get surrounded by a group of people, they start yelling at me, calling me a bunch of names like racist, sexist.

It was a group of about seven people according to Weldon, and he says what started out as verbal, then turned into the girls in the group getting physical.

"The girls were the ones who were actually physically touching me, obviously starting with the one who took my hat off, and then all of them started pushing me," said Weldon.

Weldon says the guys in the group then helped deescalate the situation and that's when he says he was able to take a couple of pictures of the group; photos he shared those with us.

TV20 reached out to Pita Pit for the surveillance footage, but it's restaurant policy only to share that with Gainesville police. GPD is reviewing that video as they continue their investigation, and will not make it available to TV20 while the case is still open.

Weldon filed a police report two days after the incident, and GPD is now responding to his claim that an officer told him there's not much they could do.

"As far as the comment about there's not much that we can do, there is definitely things we can do ...we can potentially make an arrest depending on what the officer finds out," said Inspector Campos.

Campos also took issue with Weldon's claim that the officer told him politically motivated attacks are common in Gainesville, saying arguments rarely rise to the level of physicality.

UF College Democrats issued a statement to TV20 in regards to the alleged incident, saying they do not condone violence against anyone, even though their ideologies and political beliefs are not aligned with Mr. Weldon's.