Former teacher charged with burglary, possessing drug paraphernalia

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. A former Marion County teacher accused of stealing a school computer is out of jail tonight after being arrested and charged with burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia.

School officials say she did not follow school protocol.

Ocala police officer said, "Step out of the car, do not resist."

Body cam video shows the moment former Marion County public school teacher Sharon Meggison was arrested.

She's facing criminal charges after she allegedly broke into her classroom and stole a computer.

A parent at the school said, "That is shocking that should never be like that because they're the examples to the students."

School officials say an investigation started last month when the Fort King Middle school teacher was suspected of coming to work under the influence.

Kevin Christian said, "You can't go to work under the influence of something if it impacts what you do on your job."

She was placed on administrative leave, and resigned just a few days later.

But when her boss contacted her about returning school property, including the keys to her classroom that's when her situation got even worse

Kevin Christian said, "The directions was that she come back onto campus accompanied by school administration person, not to go back to her room alone and not to even be on campus alone.”

Despite the warning police say Meggison snuck back onto campus over the weekend and stole a computer from her classroom.

On Tuesday, police say she showed up on campus again.

And when confronted police say she admitted to taking it, but claimed she was just "cleaning it up" and was returning it.

Sharon Meggison said, "Stop yanking me" to the arresting officer.

When police searched her car they found bullets and drugs.

Meghan Shay said, "We located drug paraphernalia as well as residue from cocaine."

A parent at the school said, "It's a different time we live in now and things happen that you don't expect to happen."

Meggison was taken to the Marion County Jail and Wednesday morning she bonded out on a 11-thousand dollar bond.