Friends from Marion County sets out to help Hurricane Harvey victims

MARION COUNTY, Fla. In Marion County, a group of Facebook friends have been collecting hurricane relief supplies all week. And now is headed to Texas to help victims of the historic flooding.

Members of the group say they just want to help in any way possible.

"Why are you guys doing this? Because we have to, we just have to."

Demetri Arvanitis and his group of friends say after seeing hurricane Harvey tear through the state of Texas.

"I didn't even imagine that it was going to be this catastrophic like this, this is horrible."

They knew they had to get involved.

Demetri Arvanitis said, "In times like this is really where fellow humans can bring a light out of the darkness and this is one of those times."

The groups of 19 people have been collecting food, water, and other supplies to bring to people in need.

They’ve even managed to get three boats that will be used to help get to victims in flooded areas.

Ben Levin said, "It’s amazing when people want to come together for a positive cause. It’s crazy what you can make happen in such a short amount of time."

And as people continue to pile into shelters and wait to be rescued, Levin says his team will be doing all they can with what they have to lend a helping hand.

Ben Levin said, "There is people literally that have nothing, but the clothes they're wearing right now. So we want to do what we can to change that."